ITES China
Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition
2025.3.26-3.29 Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Baoan Venue)

Exhibiting Categories

Robotics, Integration Solution for Robotics System

  • Cobot
  • Robot Workstation
  • Flexible Manufacturing Systems
  • Robotic Bodies
  • Electro-hydraulic Pneumatic Actuators
  • Fixture/FA Parts
  • Intelligent Production Line
  • IIoT & MES System

3C Automation Equipment

  • Assembly Machine
  • Assembly Production Line
  • Special-shaped Fitting Machine/SMT machine
  • Spooling Equipment
  • Screw locking machine/vibration plate
  • Solder machine/Dispensing machine
  • Computerized wire stripping machine/terminal machine
  • Forming machine/Sealing machine

Intelligent Logistics and Packaging Automation Solutions

  • Logistics Integration
  • AGV Logistics Robot and AGV
  • Forklift and Accessories
  • Warehouse Technology and Logistics Systems
  • Conveyor Sorting Equipment and Accessories
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Auxiliary Equipment and Accessories
  • Intelligent Packaging Solutions

Machine Vision System and Solutions

  • Visual Assembly System
  • Visual Detection System
  • Precision Vision Screening Machine
  • 3D Vision Solution
  • High speed Testing & Packaging Machine
  • Imaging Processing System
  • Smart Camera Lens &Accessories
  • Machine Vision Parts and Accessories

Motion Control Automation Technology

  • Embedded technology
  • Motion Control Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Sensing and connection technology
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic actuators
  • Communication protocols/industrial software
  • Safety and production protection devices
  • ndustrial Power Supplies / Instrumentation / Wire & Cable

Intelligent Logistics and Packaging Automation

  • Linear Motion Device
  • Gearing / Reducers
  • CAM Intermittent Device
  • Chain Transmission/Belt Transmission
  • Bearing & Transmission Coupling
  • Dynamic Balancing Machine
  • Direct Drive Motor
  • Air Compressor & Accessories

Exhibiting Highlights

Machine Vision & Intelligent Logistics Innovative Technology Area
Machine Vision & Intelligent Logistics Innovative Technology Area
With the widespread use of machine vision and intelligent logistics in the industrial field in South China, the 2021 ITES Robotics and Automation Equipment Exhibition will set up a special area for machine vision and intelligent innovation technology. Dozens of machine vision, intelligent logistics, and intelligent packaging companies will display multiple sets of 3D vision, mobile robots, composite robots, intelligent warehouses, automatic sorting, flexible conveying systems, supply chain collaboration technologies, and application solutions.
Mechanical Transmission and Equipment Area
Mechanical Transmission and Equipment Area
With the increasing demands generated by 5G commercial, intelligent medical treatment, ITES hereby set up the mechanical transmission and equipment area to provide part supporting service for machine tools, non-standard automation equipment, ceramic processing, glass processing, etc. The mechanical transmission and equipment area will cover tremendous premium brands all over the world to display cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. For example, THK, IKO, NSK, HWIN, PMI, Harmonic Drive, Leader Drive, Yung Hung, etc. will be exhibitors in ITES 2021.
Robotics & Automation Equipment Empowers the Development of Smart Factory in Manufacturing
Robotics & Automation Equipment Empowers the Development of Smart Factory in Manufacturing
In response to the increasing demands of intelligent transformation (assembly, inspection, logistics, packaging) of 3C (mobile phone), communication electronics, auto parts, household appliances, new energy, and other industries in South China, ITES plans to build a convenient communication platform for the intelligent upgrading of precision manufacturing industry. Nearly 300 robot and automation equipment enterprises, including Kawasaki, Schunk, SMC, Siasun, Petian, Huashu, World Precision, Elite Robot, and Dobot, will display hundreds of solutions of the intelligent production line, cobot, non-standard automation equipment, welding, polishing and grinding automation, hydraulic and pneumatic actuator, etc.
Collection of Motion Control Brands Globally, The First Choice for Sourcing Various Special Equipment
Collection of Motion Control Brands Globally, The First Choice for Sourcing Various Special Equipment
With 21 years of development in Shenzhen, ITES is the preferred platform for industry professionals in 3C electronics, automobiles, precision parts manufacturing, molds, medical devices, textiles, printing, packaging to learn about the latest manufacturing technologies. In order to meet the needs of more than 1000 equipment exhibitors and thousands of terminal companies at ITES, 2021 ITES will join hands with, a company which works in the motion control industry for over 10 years, to create a control & drive technology area to provide industrial technology service and supporting key parts for precision processing, non-standard integration, and special equipment in various industries. Representative exhibitors in 2021: Siemens, Mitsubishi, Schneider, Fuji, Panasonic, Phoenix Contact, Sanyo Denki, Lenze, Delta, LNC, Syntec, Weihong, Lynuc, Leadshine, Megmeet, HCFA, etc.

Representative Exhibitors