ITES China
Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition
2025.3.26-3.29 Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Baoan Venue)
Exhibition Name Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition
Date 2025.3.26-3.29
Location Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center (Bao'an)
Shenzhen Xieguang Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Huanyue Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Huansheng Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition(ITES) has become one of the largest industrial exhibitions in China after 25 years of development. and has been awarded the honor of the “Shenzhen Brand Exhibition” for 13 consecutive years. ITES focuses on two cores: the high-end equipment industry cluster and the advanced manufacturing technology industry cluster. It serves as a displaying and communication platform for the industry, covering areas from high-end equipment, precision manufacturing, robotics, and industrial control technology to specialized automation equipment.

To precision manufacturing applications, ITES provides professional solution exhibiting for five key demand areas: Metal Processing, New Energy and Automotive Manufacturing, Medical Device Manufacturing, Electronics and Product Manufacturing, and Intelligent Logistics Applications. To precision manufacturing process, ITES provides digital, flexible, and customized solutions based on high-end equipment. For the production process of five major end-users, ITES provide a series of automation solutions for assembly, testing, logistics, and packaging consisting of core industrial technologies. The exhibition contents will cover the entire process of precision manufacturing, enabling companies to understand cutting-edge technological trends and connect with the industry chain in all aspects.

2023 Show Data

  • 240,000㎡ Show Area
    Show Area

  • 2,111 Exhibitors

  • 140,765 Visitors

  • 1600+ Business Delegations
    Business Delegations

Development History

  • The First Show · Born

    ・ Show Area: 11000㎡

  • The First Show·Born
  • The Second Show · Improvement

    ・ Show Area: 13700㎡
    ・ Exhibitor: 329Companies

  • The Second Show·Improvement
  • The Third Show · Progress

    ・ International Brands Participated: Mazak, Yamazen, etc.
    ・ Show Area:29400㎡

  • The Third Show·Progress
  • The Fifth Show · Development

    Became an UFI Member, authorized by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry

  • The Fifth Show·Development
  • The Tenth Show · Innovate

    ・ "Shenzhen Top 10 Brand Exhibition" Awarded
    The show content expanded to automation, including Siemens, Mitsubishi Electric, Fanuc, Kuka, GSK and other well-known industrial robot brands joined.

  • The Tenth Show·Innovate
  • The 16th Show · Change

    ・ 3D measurement and printing exhibition area established
    ・ Gradually improve the layout of the whole industry chain, includes the Machine Tool Exhibition, Robotics and Smart Factory Exhibition, Industrial Supply Exhibition as three sub-exhibitions

  • The 16th Show·Change
  • The 21st Show · Upgrade

    ・ Brand upgrades, from SIMM to ITES
    ・ Setup a comprehensive layout of eight theme exhibitions
    ・ Show Area: 120,000㎡

  • The 21st Show·Upgrade
  • The 22nd Show · Setting Sail

    ・ Largest scale: 240,000㎡
    ・ Highest number of Exhibitors: 2,111 companies
    ・ 5 Series of Industry Conference

  • The 22nd Show·Setting Sail
  • The 23rd Show · Focus

    ・ For the first time, we teamed up with Alibaba 1688 to hold industrial trends conference, industrial procurement festival and other related activities;
    100+ new products in debut;
    ・ ITES covers three vertical industrial ecologies, with metal processing as the core.

  • The 23rd Show·Focus
  • The 24th Show · Forge Ahead

    ・On-site visitors reach a new record of 123,906
    ・ Participating exhibitors: 1,304.
    ・ Forum attendees: 7,106.

  • The 24th Show·Forge Ahead