ITES China
Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition
2023.3.29-4.1 Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Baoan New Venue)
Privacy Policy


Shenzhen Huanyue Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd solemnly promises to appreciate and protects users' personal information, so will not rent or sell your personal information or your company information to any third party for marketing reasons. This Privacy Policy is designed to show you how we will collect, use, store, protect and share your personal information when you use our services, as well as how we provide access, update, control and protect that information for you. This Privacy Policy is closely related to the services on our websites. We hope you can read it carefully and make your choice according to the guidelines of this privacy policy when necessary.

Information Collection

In order to provide you with relevant services and achieve the desired effect, we may collect, store and use the following three types of information related to you when we provide services:
 The Information You Provide.For example, when you register an account or use our services, you provide us with relevant personal information, including the mobile phone number, email address, etc.; the shared information you provide to others through our services and the information you store when using our services.
 The shared information about you from other parties when using our services.
 The information we get from you.For example, the system automatically collects log information and location information through cookies, web beacons or other means.

Use of Personal Information

Your personal information provided to us may be used for below items. When we offer our products and services to you, the information collected will be used for user identification, client services, safety protection, fraud detection, archive and backup in order that we could ensure the products and services we provided is effective and safe. Collection of personal information would help us better understand your customized needs and design more convenient services to improve your experiences. We do provide you the personalized advertisements rather than the general, evaluate the marketing and advertising effect to enhance the service quality if we have your information. Remind you to participate in our products and services surveys in time.

Sharing of Personal Information

We may share your personal information with our affiliate companies, our third party service providers, cooperation partners or agencies on the below need-to-know basis, otherwise, we may not provide your personal information to anyone. Our partners include those companies who could send communication emails or notices, provide location data on behalf of us, but they may be not in your law district sometimes. Achieve part of the goals in “Use of Personal Information” while offering our products and services. Carry out our obligations and executive our power in this Privacy Policy to give you a better understanding, maintenance, and service assurance. We would try ensuring our third parties to obey this Privacy Policy and other items of confidential and safe when they use your personal information. With the development of our company, your personal information may be transferred for data storage and processing as a part of an asset if we and our third parties have the deal of merging, acquiring or asset transferring. As noted above, we would notify you before we have such deals. We may be reserve, store or disclose your personal information for the below items: Obey all applicable laws, court order or other regulations and governmental authorities. Maintain social public benefit or protect the property security and legal rights of us, our clients, our group or other users and employees.


We only reserve your personal information within the period and compliance of Laws and regulations in accordance with this Privacy Policy. In case of losing, misusing or leaking your information, we adopt various valid security technology and programming. For example, we would leverage encryption technology to keep your information secure in some services. But please understand that there may be some malicious campaigns in internet industry even though we endeavor to adopt all kinds of safe measurements here. It is acknowledged that there will be some problems without our control once you have connected to our service system or communication network.


Except for special notice, all of our services need to be applicable to this Privacy Policy, some customized services would be suitable for a particular privacy policy to some extent. Aiming at the particular privacy policy belonged to this Privacy Policy; we would clarify how to use your personal information more specifically. If there is anything inconsistent between the particular privacy policy and the body, please refer to the particular one.


This Privacy Policy is not applicable to the below items. Information collected from the third party includes services or websites of any third party if you conduct our services. Information collected from other companies or institutes who have cooperated with us in advertising services.


Please read and understand that we would modify our privacy policy sometimes according to our business. We would email users or put the relative regulations on our official website to notify you in time if personal information policy has been modified a lot.