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Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition
2025.3.26-3.29 Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Baoan Venue)
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    Main products: CS Series Collaborative Robots EC Series Collaborative Robots
    Served Industry(ies): ["Automotive, Motorcycle and Parts Manufacturing","Machining, Precision Parts Manufacturing","Electronics and Product Manufacturing","Medical Device Manufacturing, Biotechnology","Mould and Parts Manufacturing","Non-standard Equipment and Automation Integration","Home Appliances and Kitchen and Bathroom Supplies","Metal and Plastic Products","Intelligent Logistics Applications","Aerospace, Railway and Rail Transportation","Optical Communication and Semiconductor","Manufacturers/Agents of Advanced Equipment such as Machine Tools/Industrial Measuring Equipment","Others","New Energy Technologies & Automotive Parts","3C & Electronic Manufacturing","Medical Device","Machining / precision parts manufacturing","Mold & Accessories","Kitchen & Home Appliance","Metalworking","Machinery and mechanical parts manufacturing","Medical Device Manufacturing","Biotechnology","New Energy Technology","Biotechnology"]
    Agilex Robotics
      Main products: AgileX Robotics' Cobot Magic is a system based on Mobile ALOHA that enables simultaneous remote control of the two-wheeled differential drive AGV and the robotic arm. Cobot Magic can control all degrees of freedom simultaneously, allowing the robot to learn various basic skills, from simple tasks like grasping and placing objects to more intricate operations such as pouring water, cooking, riding elevators, and tidying up items.
      Served Industry(ies): ["Industrial Robots and Related Accessories Manufacturers/Agents","Home Appliances and Kitchen and Bathroom Supplies"]